Tombo Musical Instruments
Home page of Tombo Music Instruments. Introducing information about harmonicas, accordions, and etc.

Suzuki Musical Instruments
Home page of Suzuki Musical Instruments Manufacturing, Co., Ltd. Introducing information about harmonicas, accordions, melodions, taisho-harps, hammond organs and etc.

Syouwa Gakki
Welcome to the home page of Syouwa gakki.

Moridaira Musical Instruments
Home page of importing company of Hohner and Hering Harmonica and other musical instruments.

Introducing the history, products, players of the Hering harmonica.

Introducing the products, players of the Huang harmonica. The founder is the famous harmonica player, Chen Bur-Huang.

1995 Yokohama International Harmonica Festival
Introducing 1995 International Harmonica Festival in October 1995 at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan.

2000 Seoul Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival
Introducing August 2000, the 3rd Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Seoul Korea..

2000 Millennium International Harmonica Festival
Introducing October 2000, Millennium International Harmonica Festival in Bournemouth, UK.

Home page of IHO(International Harmonica Organization). Introducing October 2000, Millennium International Harmonica Festival in Bournemouth, UK.

2001 World Harmonica Festival
Guide to October 2001, World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany, sponsored by FIH. Entry is available thru an internet page.

The NHL is Britain's national harmonica club, with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas. It organises events, tuition, and contests for enthusiasts, beginners, teachers, and experienced harmonica players alike, and publishes a print magazine Harmonica World.

France Harmonica
France Harmonica is independent, and has no commercial constraint. Four times a year, we publish "Echos France Harmonica" that keeps its readers informed about harmonica in France and all over the World.

spah,The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
SPAH is an international, all volunteer, non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1963. SPAH currently maintains a database of over 3000 harmonica players from all over the world

Harmonica Spain
Introduces the harmonica world in Spain. English or Spanish.

SPCC Harmonica Orchestra
The School Harmonica Orchestra of St. Paul's Co-educational College Hong Kong was founded in 1958 by Mr. HUNG Hon-cheung. Students usually join the Harmonica Class before they become the members of the Orchestra. Rehearsals normally last for 3 hours on every Saturday morning. The Orchestra plays an important position in the Annual Concert which will be held at the City Hall or the new City Performing Art Centre.

Hong Kong Harmonica Association
Home page of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association where the 5th Asia Pacific Harmonica will be held. Currently the page is full of the greetings of the result of the 4th festival. Oming soon will be the preparation and information of the 5th festival.

China Harmonica Art Association
Home page of China Harmonica Art Association.

Yellowstone Harmonica Net
Home page of the Yellowstone music instruments shop in Taiwan. All in chinese. Try to click whatever you can imagine from chinese characters. You may visit right one or completely wrong. If you reach to 我的収蔵品, you will be suprised by seeing the huge amount of harmonica collections.

Harmonica Website of Art M. Daane
Harmonica site in Netherland. Full of the world famous harmonica players, groups and their description. Very interesting.

Harmonica Blues Ru
Russian harmonica's site.

The site of a German harmonica trio. It links to other harmonica bands' site thus good to find the German harmonica infomation.

The site of a German harmonica orchestra. Rich of pictures and CDs.

Personal Home Pages

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Akiko Osawa's Room
Akio Machida's Room
Koichi Ari Matsuda's Home Page
Ayaa's Room
Azalea Harmonica Ensemble
Azalea Harmonica Ensemble
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Blue Slim
Boogie Woogie Ace & Rhysm Kings
Chromatic Harmonica ETSUKO's New Homepage
Chromatic Harmonica and Classic Guitar
Chromatic Harmonica Class
Chromatic Harmonica Community
Chromatic Harmonica Fukimakurikai
Chromatic Harmonica Lover
Chikara Tuzuki
Chuo University Harmonica Society
CITRON Mie niversity Harmonica Blues Harp Circle
Classical Harmonica please
Compote Web Page
Core Art Square
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diatonic room
Dominant Harmonica
Easy Harp
Everybody Blow Harp
First Step of Blies Harp
Fumio Ishikawa
Gradus ad Parnassum Franz Chmel repair method in Japanese
Hanonkai(Kanseigakuin Univ. Harmonica Society OB/OG )
Harmonica Asunaro Kai
Kansai Harmonica Federation
Kanto Harmonica League
Harmonica Common TIme
Harmonica Fan
Harmonica Player Ken Tanaka
Harmonica Player Kouei Tanaka
Would you play harmonica!
Harmonica Player Tetsuya Nakamura Japanese Site
Harmonica Mates Toride
Harmonica Japan
  Harmonicamates Toride
Harmonica Street
Harmonica Workshop CREMONA
Harmonica World
Harmoniodea, NaoyukiYamada
Harpist Road
Harpist TAKA
ハープなお部屋☆彡 Harpy Room
HeRO NiShimuRa Hero Nisimura
hideyuki Yagi
Hiroshi Imade
Hiroshima Prefecture Harmonica Circle Association
Japan Harmonica Arts Association
Join us harpin'
Juko Saito
Julie Mania
Kagoshima University Harmonica Band
Kaze no Tremolo、A Harmonica Class in Toyama Prefecture
Kazu Koubou
Kitamura Sayuri, Chromatic Harmonica
KOTEZ & Yancy
Koubou Chrom
Kwansei Gakuin University Harmonica Society
Let's blow beautiful wind
Masami Ooishi
Meiji University Harmonica Society
Memories of Harmonica
   Miou Hatakeyama
Harmonica to komadori
Midorito Mizuto Kokoro
Mitsuno Easy Harmonica Class
Nagayato Harmonica Club
Naoko Arai
Nagoya Harmonica Club
Why are blues harp and Chinese conversation?
Nippon Harmonica Club
Nobuo Tokunaga
Non Lever Chromatic Harmonica
Okayama Harmonica Club
Quarter to Twelve
Shoji Naito
Risa Minami
Rikkyo University Harmonica Society
Shima Kobayashi
Snowdolphin's Lodge
Souka Harmonica Society
Super Harp Takee Website
Susumu Usami’s Harmonica Plaza
SVÄNG -Harmonica Quartet-
Tachikawa High School Harmonica Club
Takeru Meno
Tatsuya Nishiwaki
TCHS Tokyo Chromatic Harmonica Society
Team Odateru Buta 
Tomohisa Chiba
Tomomi Hosoda
Toots and Harmonica
Tsugumaru Communication
Twin Turbo Station
UK's Blues Harp Lecture
Umeda Drinkers
Ushiku Harmonica Mate
Virtual Chromatic Harmonica Museum
Virtual Chromatic Harmonica Museum Annex
Waseda University Harmonica Society
Whale In The Moon
Nobuo Yagi
Yasujiro Asami and Small Hearts
Yasuo Watani
Yoshio Nishikawa, a harmonicaplayer
Yusin "Big Joe" Yoshida Web Page

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