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@All Japan Harmonica Federation is a member of IHOiInternational Harmonica Organizationj, and its purpose is to propagate the diffusion and expansion of harmonicas as the core of Japanese harmonica area.

@Since more than ten years ago, there have been several international harmonica events in countries in the world to establish the international association and friendship in the harmonica area.

Harmonica is a popular music instrument and its international festivals give chances to students or citizens, not the specially selected elites, to communicate each other and be friend.

Asia and Pacific Harmonica Festivals are to be held once in two years by country by country, and the contents are contests, concerts, workshops, courtesy exchanging parties, open stages and etc.

@The 4th festival had been held in Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan in 2002. AJHF as the main sponsor, propagated the festival and had some pre-event beforehand.

"The S Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival Atsugi 2002"

@Period@July 30th, 2002 thru August 4th, 2002
@At Atsugi Culture Center

@Number of audiences: Total 1U,QPXiQ,VOR/dayj
@Number of contestants: Total PCOUV
@Aminity tent village@Total PO,WOOiP,WOO/dayj
@Grand total:@QWCOWU

@Volunteer members         about VOO
@Audience from abroad@@@about TOO

1996 1st: Taipei, Taiwan
1998 2nd: Petaringjaya, Malaysia
2000 3rd: Seoul, Korea

2002 4th: Atsugi
2004 5th Hong Kong

Result of 2002 4th: Atsugi Contest

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